10 Fun Halloween Fruit and Vegetable Ideas to delight your kids

Halloween is synonymous with sweet treats, but it’s also the perfect time to add some healthy, spooky fun to your kids’ diet. These creative and nutritious Halloween-themed fruit and vegetable snacks will not only entertain your little ones but also help balance the candy intake. It’s a win-win for everyone!

1. Banana Ghosts:

Peel and cut bananas in half. Add chocolate chips for eyes and a mini marshmallow for the mouth. Or wrap them up to make them mummy bananas. You can do this with other fruit too!

2. Clementine Pumpkins:

Transform clementine oranges into adorable pumpkins by adding a small piece of celery as the stem.

3. Spider Celery Sticks:

Spread peanut butter or cream cheese on celery sticks and place raisins on top, creating spooky spiders.

4. Monster Apple Bites:

Cut apple slices and add sunflower butter. Decorate with almond slivers as teeth, making them look like little apple monsters.

5. Witch’s Broomsticks:

Break pretzel sticks in half and insert them into cheese slices to create little witch broomsticks.


6. Ghostly Pizza:

Make mini whole-wheat English muffin pizzas and add mozzarella ghost shapes for a spooktacular twist.

7. Frankenguac:

Create Frankenstein faces with guacamole. Use cucumber slices for the “bolts” and red pepper for the mouth.

8. Veggie Jack-O’-Lanterns:

Cut faces into red, yellow, and green bell peppers to make mini jack-o’-lanterns. Fill them with hummus for a tasty surprise.

9. Monster Eyes:

Top boiled eggs with sliced olives/cucumber to make creepy monster eyes. A nutritious and eerie snack in one!

10. Spooky Fruit Kabobs:

Thread a mix of Halloween-themed fruits like grapes, blackberries, and kiwi onto skewers for a vibrant and healthy treat.


The Benefits of This Frighteningly Good Fun

Creating these Halloween-themed fruit and vegetable snacks with your kids offers several advantages:

– Nutrition Education: While having fun, children learn about the nutritional value of different fruits and vegetables.

– Fine Motor Skills: Engaging in activities like decorating celery spiders enhances their fine motor skills.

– Positive Food Associations: Making these snacks instills positive associations with nutritious foods, leading to healthier eating habits.

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about sugary indulgence. By introducing your children to the excitement of creating fun and nutritious snacks, you can provide a balanced and memorable experience. Remember to join our mailing list for more healthy tips, and if you’re looking for mealtime and fussy eating support check out our online course. Get ready to celebrate Halloween with a twist of creativity and nutrition!

Written by Dr Kirsty Porter

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