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This is your chance to book a tailored one-to-one online consultation with Dr. Kirsty to allow you to talk about how to start with your child and overcome the challenges you are facing and provide ongoing practical support!

The 1:1 appointments offer a tailored individual assessment of your child’s eating and drinking habits. The process starts by filling in a comprehensive survey, followed by an in-depth consultation session. Dr. Kirsty then writes a customised action plan and guides you through the process.

This also includes:

  • 1 x 45 minute Initial Online Appointment followed by x1-3 30 minute Review Appointments.
  • Email summary of personalised recommendations.
  • One week’s email support (to answer any questions you may have). 
  • Master weaning journey by showing you how you can optimise your baby’s nutrition and create healthy eating habits from the start. 
  • Effective strategies to help your child on their way to forming a healthy relationship with food and increase the variety of foods they will eat.
  • Resources to help you on your way including recipes

If you want you can book a free 15 minute call with Dr Kirsty to get to know each other and clarify any questions. 

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