Fun Fruit Ideas for Toddlers: A Playful Approach to Overcoming Fussy Eating

As an expert children’s dietitian, I understand the struggles parents face when dealing with picky eaters and toddler mealtime meltdowns. That’s why I’m excited to share creative fruit presentation ideas that can be a game changer for your child’s approach to food.

Playful Presentation for Picky Eaters:


Picture a plate bursting with vibrant colours, where slices of fruits come together to form adorable animals, enticing shapes, and even imaginative scenes. Food fun plates not only awaken your child’s curiosity but also make mealtime an exciting exploration. By crafting these delightful arrangements, you’re introducing a new level of engagement that can ignite their interest in trying new foods.

Check out these five great ideas for inspiration using the fussy food plate or see our fruit kebab blog as well.  

Repeated Exposure for Acceptance:


Research shows that repeated exposure is a key factor in increasing a child’s acceptance of new flavours. By integrating various fruits in playful ways, you’re providing multiple opportunities for your little one to encounter different tastes and textures. Over time, these positive experiences can lead to greater familiarity and, ultimately, a willingness to embrace a broader range of foods. Food fun plates create an environment where trying new things becomes an enjoyable adventure.

Getting your Kids Involved:


Involving children in the creation of food fun plates empowers them and nurtures their sense of independence. Let them choose their favourite fruits, help arrange the designs, and even name their culinary creations. This hands-on approach not only promotes a positive relationship with food but also encourages a sense of ownership over mealtime decisions.

Nurturing a Healthy Relationship with Food:


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Written by Dr Kirsty Porter, Children’s Dietitian. 

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