Fussy Eating Bootcamp

Are you worried about your child’s eating? Fed up with mealtime battles and making multiple meals? Are up stuck making the same few meals? Does your child eat a limited range of foods? Can’t get them to eat meat, fruit or vegetables?

Then check out my new fussy eating boot camp to help navigate your kids to enjoy mealtimes again and eat a variety of foods. My passion is to help children to have a positive relationship with food!

The purpose of this bootcamp is to support your child to

Move from food refusal to food freedom and confidence
Expand their food choices
Develop a happy and healthy relationship with food
Make mealtimes happy for all the family & stress free

Dr Kirsty will take you through why food refusal & challenging mealtimes occur and evidence-based strategies that work that you will work through at mealtimes. You will also learn how to explore new food and how to give your child confidence with their eating and food choices.

This four week bootcamp will involve

Exclusive printed workbook through your door at the start of the bootcamp, that has been carefully designed by Dr Kirsty to guide you through the process of mastering fussy eating. It includes lots of practical and fun ideas to work through each work as part of an action plan.
Weekly webinar session with Kirsty on these four topics that is linked back to the workbook.

Nutrition & Portion Sizes
Food Refusal
Mastering Mealtimes
Exploring New Foods

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions on each of the four sessions that will take place via Google Meet.
Each session is recorded in case you can’t make one of the sessions for any reason (accessible via a private Facebook group). However, given the live & interactive element of the live Q&A it is recommended you attend the live sessions to get the most out of the bootcamp.

This bootcamp has been carefully designed based on Dr Kirsty’s experience of working with families and the latest evidence to help parents achieve results with their child’s fussy eating. Parents have also been heavily involved in the creating process as well. This is perfectly timed to help your child’s eating on the way up to the summer holidays.

Perhaps you feel out of your depth and frustrated that you can see no progress with your child’s eating? Or everything you have tried to date has failed? Then this bootcamp is for you, let’s do this together.

What’s included

Mastering Fussy Eating Workbook-a highly evaluated and carefully evidence based workbook that Dr Kirsty has put together to guide through each step of the process. It includes practical advice with your child’s nutrition, eating options, mealtimes and proven techniques to get your kids trying new foods.
4 Live Weekly Webinars that run on the same night over the month- these sessions are matched to the workbook to ensure that you are empowered to make small changes each week and work on an action plan that is tailored for your family and help you see results.
Optional 1:1 Consultation- this consultation usually costs £120 with Dr Kirsty. If any parent would like to obtain additional support they can avail of a special 50% discount.
Free Food Activities & Family Cooking Recipes eBooks (usually £15)
Exclusive 10% discount on children’s baking boxes and family aprons.
Peer to Peer Facebook Group- you can keep in touch with fellow families and where you can support each other and share progress made. This will also contain the links to the recorded webinars. This will run for 3 months.

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Perhaps you aren’t sure on the service or product you need to help your child eat healthy or achieve stress free mealtimes. Send me a message with the problems you are experiencing and I can recommend the best option for you.