Mini Chef Baking Box

This baking box contains essential equipment to get your kids baking in the kitchen along with 6 delicious recipes to try!


You get 6 recipes to bake and cook with your kids.

Mini Chef box contains:

  • 6 Baking Recipe Cards including cheesy carrot crackers, banana chocolate ice cream, hummus & apple ring snacks, oat cookies, and chia pudding
  • 4 Cutters
  • Kids Rolling Pin, Whisk & Wooden Spoon
  • Small Bag of Beetroot Powder & Cinnamon

All this including 2nd class postage within the UK at £21 for 1 kids, you can also have this for 2-3 kids (extra rolling pin, whisk & wooden spoons) or DM us for custom orders

No Of Kids

1 Kid, 2 Kids, 3 Kids

Gender of Child/ Children

1 Female, 1 Male, 1 Male & 1 Female, 2 Females, 2 Males, 2 Males & 1 Female, 2 Females & 1 Male, 3 Females, 3 Males, Unisex


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