Cow’s Milk Allergy One-to-One Package

Do you have a baby that has cow’s milk allergy and want support right from diagnosis until they are 1 year old? Then this package is for you!

This package is suitable for babies with cow’s milk allergy. 

The package includes:

  • Education on cow’s milk allergy including diagnosis, management and challenges
  • Support each step of your baby’s nutritional journey from diagnosis, milk-free weaning and reintroduction right up until your baby’s first birthday
  • 5-6 tailored one-to-one (45 minutes) online consultations with Dr. Kirsty through each step of the journey
  • Resources including a milk-free diet sheet, recipes and milk ladder 
  • Email summary of personalised recommendations
  • One week’s email support after each appointment (to answer any questions you may have)


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