Instant Access Winning at Weaning Online Course

If you would prefer to learn more about weaning in the comfort of your own home and at a pace that suits you then check out this online course! 

This online course aims to equip you with the skills and confidence to guide your baby through the weaning journey from the very first tastes to help them accept a wide range of foods and form a healthy and happy relationship with food. After you complete this course you will have so much more knowledge, confidence and peace of mind. 

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What will you learn during this course?

This course covers 8 topics:

  1. Get ready 
  2. Get set go 
  3. Nutrition (including portion sizes) and food allergies 
  4. Setting the scene 
  5. Moving forward 
  6. Helpful tools 
  7. Choking and gagging 
  8. Trouble shooting 

What else do you get?

  • Summary e-book of all the topics covered 
  • Recipe e-book that covers each stage of weaning and a number of family friendly, tasty and healthy foods suitable for any budget 
  • Pictures and videos to help you through the process from myself and mum’s who have also undergone this course
  • PDF downloads of useful resources

2 reviews for Instant Access Winning at Weaning Online Course

  1. Connie Chambers

    As a first-time mum I was pretty terrified about the weaning stage for my baby and had so many questions. I did the weaning online course available on Kirsty’s website and it was so beneficial and helped me really develop Ben’s eating in terms of variety and texture right from the beginning. The advice was succinct yet answered all my questions, particularly around potential allergens and how to present food. It is really worthwhile! As a busy mum it’s so easy to dip in and out when you can in your own free time too. Now Ben is 11 months and eats everything, and really enjoys his food. Thank you so much Kirsty – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course!

  2. Tierna Byrne

    What a helpful course for weaning. I wish I had this with my first child as it is making weaning so much more enjoyable and less stressful with baby number two. It gives sensible tips that are very much achievable, even when you’re living a busy life! I highly recommend using it to help you get off to a good start with weaning. Thanks Kirsty!

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