Mastering Fussy Eating Webinar Recording

Are you worried about your child’s eating? Fed up with mealtime battles and making multiple meals? Are up stuck making the same few meals? Does your child eat a limited range of foods? Can’t get them to eat meat, fruit or vegetables?

Purchase this masterclass! This is a webinar recording of Dr. Kirsty who presents a information packed, highly practical session that you will leave with things you can instantly action to improve mealtimes for you and your child. Get ready for your child to enjoy food and make mealtimes fun again!

Kirsty will impart her years of experience working privately and in the NHS.

By the end of this webinar, Dr. Kirsty helps you:

-Strike the balance with making food fun, whilst providing a healthy and balanced diet

-Doing it in a way that works with your busy lifestyle

-Move from food refusal to food freedom and confidence

-Expand their food choices

-Effective strategies to make mealtimes happy for all the family & stress free

-How to get your child to try new foods


Purchase this to become a master of successfully feeding your child!

You will receive a free copy of her ebook too (usually £15)


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