Recorded Toddlers & Picky Eating Masterclass

Are you worried about your toddler’s eating? Fed up with mealtime battles and making multiple meals? Are up stuck making the same few meals? Does your toddler eat a limited range of foods? Can’t get them to eat meat, fruit or vegetables?

Unlock the secrets to stress-free mealtimes with our exclusive masterclass created by Dr Kirsty Porter, a specialist children’s dietitian. Designed specifically for parents of toddlers and picky eaters, this 60-minute session is your gateway to transforming mealtimes from struggles to successes. Kirsty will impart her years of experience working privately and in the NHS.

Why You Should Buy This Masterclass:

Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of a seasoned children’s dietitian who understands the unique challenges of feeding toddlers and picky eaters.

Comprehensive Coverage: Our masterclass delves into the core reasons why toddlers refuse to eat, unravels common mealtime behaviours, and provides valuable insights into nutrition and portion sizes tailored to this crucial stage of development.

Mealtime Dynamics Mastery: Learn how to navigate and reshape mealtime dynamics to create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for both you and your little one.

Food Acceptance Techniques: Discover practical techniques to encourage toddlers to try new foods and expand their range, fostering a healthy relationship with nutrition.

What It Covers:

  1. Understanding Toddler Eating Habits: Explore the reasons behind your toddler’s food preferences and learn to navigate their evolving tastes.
  2. Overcoming Food Refusal: Gain insights into common food refusal behaviours and develop strategies to turn mealtime challenges into triumphs.
  3. Nutrition Essentials: Receive expert advice on crafting balanced and nutritious meals suitable for your toddler’s developmental needs.
  4. Portion Sizes: Learn about appropriate portion sizes for toddlers, ensuring they receive the right amount of nutrients for their growing bodies.
  5. Creating Positive Mealtime Environments: Master the art of fostering a positive atmosphere during mealtimes to enhance your child’s relationship with food.
  6. Food Acceptance Techniques: Acquire practical techniques to encourage your toddler to try new foods, expanding their palate in a supportive manner.

How It Will Help You:

Confidence Boost: Gain the confidence to handle mealtime challenges with ease, making feeding a positive experience for both you and your child.

Nutrition Knowledge: Acquire valuable nutrition knowledge tailored to the unique needs of toddlers, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients for healthy growth.

Practical Strategies: Receive practical & fuss free strategies to implement immediately, creating a transformative impact on your family’s mealtimes.

How can this masterclass help? Here are some of the previous parent’s feedback.

  • Equipped with helpful action plan
  • Glean from her knowledge and it is clear Dr Kirsty has a wealth of experience
  • Practical advice
  • Fantastic!
  • Lots of relevant information and ideas for busy parents that can be applied to real busy family life
  • Already made changes with great success
  • Value for money

Invest in your child’s lifelong relationship with food. Purchase our  masterclass today and embark on a journey towards joyful and stress-free family meals!

You will receive this in the format of a downloadable pdf that has the recording link and a bonus of a free copy of our toddler ebook too (usually £10)


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