Weaning Bootcamp Webinars

Google meet-based webinar where you and a group of other parents go live with Dr. Kirsty who presents an interactive, informative and practical session to help you to support your baby through the weaning process. You will leave the session with a range of actions you can instantly begin to implement. Dr. Kirsty will talk you through it all in a simple and encouraging way. You will, of course, have opportunities to ask questions too.⁠

Are you feeling nervous or worried about weaning? Have you lots of questions? Don’t know how to start and how to progress? Feel out of your depth? Does your baby have a food allergy? Want a refresher as your other kids are older?

Then this weaning bootcamp is for you! This will involve 2 google meet based webinars alongside other parents on the same boat where you can encourage each other.

How can this bootcamp help? Here are some of the previous parent’s feedback.

  • Relevant, understandable, and digestible information and advice
  • No longer stressed, we are ready to embrace the weaning journey!
  • Now confident to start feeding my baby and equipped to give them the best start possible.
  • Informative, interactive and so beneficial
  • Valuable learning experience
  • Transformed my thinking no longer stressed or apprehensive, and gave us confidence and knowledge to wean well.
  • Genuinely loved it, it was relaxed, fun, and enjoyable!

Dr Kirsty will advise you on:

  • Knowing when your baby is ready
  • Different types of weaning (including baby-led)
  • What foods to start with and portion sizes
  • When to increase the number of feeds
  • Balancing milk quantities with food
  • Foods and drinks to avoid
  • How to safely introduce allergens
  • How to handle food refusal
  • Ideal mealtime environment
  • What equipment you really need


What else do you get?

  • A copy of our e-book (usually £10)
  • Discount to purchase the weaning online course
  • A recording of the session
  • Answers to all your questions
  • Support from a small group of parents on the same boat
  • Interactive activities to help you understand first tastes and food choices
  • Lots of ideas to make easy meals and snacks balanced that are suitable for all the family!

Become a master of the best feeding approach for you and your baby through the first year of life.


1 review for Weaning Bootcamp Webinars

  1. Laura-Jayne

    Such a supportive and informative weaning webinar, Dr. Kirsty is very approachable and empathetic to parents concerns and questions. My little boy has cows milk protein allergy and found this session reassuring for a nervous mum knowing what to give and try during the weaning process. I also found it to be a very relaxed and realistic approach to weaning with lots of fab ideas to help along the whole journey. Off to purchase the recipe book now too.

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