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How to make healthy Christmas snacks for kids

We all know Christmas can be a time of year when we all indulge on extra snacks and treats that are higher in sugar and fat. If you are worried about the amount of unhealthy snacks your child is eating and want some inspiration, then this blog is perfect for you! These snacks are fun, simple and tasty ideas of how to make this Christmas a healthier one! This is also a great way to help combat fussy eaters and food refusal by making food fun!

gluten free family meals on a budget

How to make Family Meals on a Budget: 10 Top Tips

The cost of living is rising, meaning the cost of your grocery shopping is going up too! Although the cost of food is increasing, our budgets are staying the same, making feeding a family is especially difficult. Fussy eating, different ages and taste preferences can result in food waste, cooking multiple meals a night and ultimately, higher cost of food.
With all this in mind, our mission this week was to create 3 weekday meals and 1 weekend meal for a family who don’t eat gluten, on a budget of £30.

How to help navigate child food refusal

Has your child started to say they “don’t like” foods they’ve eaten before? Are you always making alternative meals for your child after they’ve refused what you’ve served? Do mealtimes feel like a battle in your house? If you’re struggling with your child refusing certain foods, then you’re in the right place. Keep on reading for our 10 top tips to help navigate food refusal!