Vibrant Veggie Pasta Salad: A Kid-Friendly School Lunchbox Delight

As the school year kicks off, finding nutritious and enticing lunchbox ideas that please both parents and picky eaters can feel like a daunting task. That’s where our Veggie Pasta Salad comes to the rescue! This versatile dish is not only packed with essential nutrients but also offers a delightful and engaging eating experience for your little ones. Hungry for more family-friendly recipes and expert tips? Join our mailing list today to receive regular updates, recipes, and advice on raising happy and healthy eaters.


Veggie-Packed Perfection:


Our Veggie Pasta Salad is a rainbow of colours, featuring a medley of vibrant vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, crunchy cucumbers, and sweet corn. These veggies provide a variety of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre, making them a wholesome addition to your child’s diet. Plus, the colourful presentation is sure to capture their attention and spark their interest in trying different veggies.


Kid-Friendly Assembly:


 One of the highlights of this lunchbox idea is that your kids can get involved in the assembly process. Lay out the prepped ingredients in small containers and let them have fun creating their own pasta salad masterpiece. By giving them the autonomy to choose their favourite veggies and arrange them in the lunchbox, you empower them to make mindful choices and develop a positive relationship with food.


Fussy Eater Approved:


 We understand the challenges of catering to fussy eaters, which is why our Veggie Pasta Salad is designed with them in mind. The vibrant colours, interesting textures, and customisable nature of the dish can encourage even the most selective eaters to give it a try. Allowing them to be part of the decision-making process empowers them and may increase their willingness to explore new flavours.


Hot or Cold Delight:


Whether your child prefers a warm or cold lunch, our Veggie Pasta Salad is a winner. Serve it warm on chillier days or enjoy it cold on warmer days. The flavours meld beautifully as it sits, making it a perfect make-ahead option for busy mornings.


Preparing this Veggie Pasta Salad can also be a great opportunity to teach your kids about balanced nutrition. Talk to them about the different food groups represented in the dish and how each component contributes to their overall health and energy.


Make It Ahead:


 To make school mornings smoother, consider prepping the ingredients for the Veggie Pasta Salad the night before. Chop the vegetables, cook the pasta, and the rest of the ingredients. In the morning, all that’s left to do is assemble the lunchbox—a stress-free process that ensures your child starts the day with a nutritious and satisfying meal.

Veggie Pasta Salad

Lily Murray
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Course Main Course
Servings 2


  • 1 tbsp grated Cheese
  • 3 Cherry Tomatoes halved
  • 1-4 Shallot diced
  • 1/4 Red Pepper diced
  • 3 tbsp Chickpeas
  • 1/4 Avocado diced
  • 1 tbsp Olive Oil
  • 50 g Wholemeal Fusilli
  • 1 handful of Popcorn
  • 1 Satsuma
  • 3 Blackberries


  • Place the pasta in a pan of boiling water for 12 minutes, or until cooked. Drain the pasta and leave to cool.
  • In a frying pan, drizzle the oil and cook the shallot on medium heat for 5 minutes.
  • Add the tomatoes, red pepper, chickpeas, and passata to the pan and cook for 10 minutes. Take off the heat.
  • Add the drained pasta to the pan and stir.
  • Once cooled add to a lunchbox, and scatter with the avocado and cheese.
  • In a separate compartment, add the popcorn
  • Finally, add the satsuma segments and blackberries in another compartment.


Allergies: Chickpeas, Gluten and Diary. You can substitute the fusilli for a gluten free alternative and the butter and cheese with a plant based alternative. Switch out chickpeas for beans such as cannellini, black eyed.
Top tips:
You can serve the pasta dish warm or cold- for those prefer warm foods use a insulated container. 
To add fun to the lunchbox use cutters & food picks for fruit & veg.
Bite size pieces & food picks make it easier for younger kids to self feed.

For more creative lunchbox ideas, expert tips on dealing with picky eaters, and personalised guidance on creating a positive mealtime environment, be sure to explore our online course and consider accessing our personalised 1:1 packages. Let’s work together to make school lunchtimes a fun and happy experience for your child.

Written by Dr Kirsty Porter, Children’s Dietitian.