Dr Kirsty Porter is an award winning Children's Dietitian based in Northern Ireland

Let Dr. Kirsty support you and your child

Dr. Kirsty Porter is an award winning Nutritionist, NHS Paediatric Dietitian who has carried out extensive research on topics related to her area of specialism.

Dr. Kirsty is an empathetic person who genuinely cares about making you and your child’s life easier through an improved relationship with food. Her passion is supporting families and the children within them through a core range of services that will instantly give practical steps to help you feel confident in supporting your child and ultimately, to make mealtimes less traumatic or frustrating for your child.

If you are a parent who is worried about your child’s relationship with food – whether that is fussy eating, sensory avoidance, weight gain, weight loss or perhaps negative associations due to allergies or other challenges, take the first step and ‘reach out’ today. Kirsty is here to support you.

Ways to work with Dr. Kirsty

One to One Package £300

A comprehensive one to one package for parents who want comprehensive support and guidance to transform mealtimes into positive and stress free experiences. Kirsty will work with you to address your child’s eating challenges.

While it is possible to book in for a ‘one off’ session, based on Kirsty’s extensive experience she finds that on average families need at least three 60 minute sessions to allow for ongoing support in order to begin to overcome food related challenges together. 

This package includes:

  • Three one hour consultation sessions (Session one: Current Situation at mealtimes, Session two: Food acceptance techniques and Session three: Eating assessment and optimisation of your child’s nutritional intake and portion sizes.
  • Dr. Kirsty’s time before and after the call to create a written ‘action plan’ for your next steps
  • The option to email Dr. Kirsty following on from your first two sessions with any questions you have in order to support your ‘next steps’

This tried and tested method has been successful in supporting numerous families across the UK that you can’t get elsewhere such as the NHS. Kirsty also has a network of connections to support any additional support needs including occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and psychologists to support your onwards journey if needed. 

By the end of this series, you’ll receive a strategic and personalised action plan to implement at home to help you reach your goals and overcome the current challenges you are experiencing. We will also address any questions or challenges that arise with each session and email support.

Recorded Masterclasses £30

If you are struggling and are keen to get instant access to support for your child, Kirsty’s webinars are the ideal solution. 

The webinars are 50 – 90 minutes on average and provide instant access to a pre-recorded webinar hosted by Dr. Kirsty that is guaranteed to give you some ‘next steps’ to try, based on her years of private and NHS experience, whether you’re tackling fussy eating, weaning or challenges with your toddler’s eating . 

You will receive:

A downloadable webinar file that you can save to your computer and watch again at any time

A digital PDF to support your ongoing journey

Feel that your issues are more complicated
or unsure what you need?

Kirsty will at times recommend additional support to compliment your work with her. She has a range of connections in both the NHS and private sector, spanning services including Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Psychologists and she can make recommendations for these services and collaborate with them to give you 360 degree support to get through this challenge as a team.  She understands that the NHS has gaps and she wants to bring together the ultimate ‘dream team’ to make your child’s experience with good a positive one.

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